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About Us

Our Mission

Deforestation in Canada is among the world’s lowest, making our country a world leader in sustainable forest management. Canadian forests are healthy, productive and thriving. Ecowood Composite Inc. is dedicated to helping this initiative by providing high quality alternative products to lumber.

Deforestation is an important issue, since shrinking forest cover reduces biodiversity, affects soil and water quality, impacts wildlife habitat and influences climate change around the world. We hope our brand can help carve out another solution to keep Canada amoung the worlds lowest in deforestation.

On top of this, the cost of lumber has skyrocketed due to supply chain issues with the offset of COVID-19. This has left contractors and home owners stuck in the middle with high prices and stock shortages.

Our goal is to give options outside of lumber, which in turn helps Canada's environmental efforts and provides an economical choice for the building industry.

Creative Office

What We Do

After 15 years in the construction industry, we know what Canadian contractors want; great prices without compromising on quality or style -- all made to withstand Canadian weather.


We made it happen. Ecowood Composite Materials Inc. is a Canadian brand, based in Toronto Ontario, that offers a new option to contractors and homeowners looking for new ways to beautify their homes. 


All of our products go through a rigorous R&D process and testing and include a limited lifetime warranty.

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